Transform Post-Pandemic Parenting Lifestyle

5-in-1 Backpack Solution For Active Parents

The pandemic has brought great impact to parenting lifestyle. Today's parents are more cautious about hygiene, health and safety of their loved ones while slowly getting back to socializing again.

The post-pandemic era made going out with kids a real challenge for parents with young kids, as keeping all children gears sanitized are HIGH IMPACT & HIGH EFFORT tasks! And, the more you BRING, the more items you have to SANITIZE!


It's SO functional and convenient

"I love that it has a built-in high chair that I can just pop out and use at a restaurant or a friend's house. I've never seen a diaper bag that is so practical AND be so sophiticated, sleek, and luxurious - for moms AND dads! I love how the GillyGro doesn't look like a typical diaper bag"

I love the big changing mat

"I love the seating structure, it makes the interior very steady and useable. I also really love how big the changing mat is. It becomes a little play mat when I viit my friend's home."

So modern and sleek

"GillyGro backpack is so functional, my favorite part is the high chair seat. The backpack is so modern and sleek, you can't tell it's a baby or kid's backpack"

It doesn't seem like a diaper bag

"This backpack is really cool! I appreciate the clean sleek look because it doesn't even seem like a diaper bag, and it doesn't look like my wife's girly backpack..."

Simplify Early Years of Parenthood

"After testing and reviewing this backpack, I am blown away at the careful thought put into the design. With large storage compartments, I am able to pack everything I need for a day out with my kids.

One thing I had overlooked is BYOB – bring your own booster! GillyGro allows you to be organized and efficient and look stylish at the same time.

GillyGro aims to simplify the early years of parenthood with products that allow parents to enjoy time with their children without some of the stresses that go along with it."

The booster seat goes with all the seats I find so far...

"This weekend me, Declan and Oliver went to the Trafford centre for a bit of shopping. We stopped for lunch in the food court but it was so busy!! We struggled to get a table but finding a highchair was impossible. Luckily we had our GillyGro Backpack, I used the booster seat function and it was a lifesaver. It was super easy to set up and with its 5 point harness I knew Oliver would be safe in it."

Parent's Quote

"The GillyGro Backpack makes parenting easier!"