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The easy way to carry your kids whether they want up, down... or up again

Stash your stuff

Put diapers and wipes in the storage beneath the seat. Access your keys, phone, and wallet in the side pockets. Attach toys to the loops and tuck bottles in the holder.

We support families with special needs

Be ready for any scenario with the GILLYGRO Backpack. This versatile travel bag combines a booster seat, diaper changing station, activity mat, napping spot, and spacious storage in a single product to help make parenting a little easier

1. How much weight does the booster seat hold?

It holds up to 55LBS (880OZ or 25KG)
Your child can use the booster seat up until they no longer fit in the straps or weights over 55LBS (880OZ or 25KG)
The dining booster seat has adjustable straps to fit most dining chairs.
The baby should be able to sit up on their own and hold up their neck. Typically, around 6 month of age.
The backpack will come with a detailed user instruction, but for now check out this video, Watch video
Yes, you are able to open the zipper under your child's legs and access everything inside the compartment even when your child is sitting on the booster seat.
The activity mat is not only spacious but compact as well, it measures 44 x 27 inches.
Yes, the activity mat is detachable, and it can be machine washed in delicate mode. Do not use the dryer. Hang to dry.
The mat is made by water resistant material, it is resistant to spills and can be wiped clean easily and immediately.
The backpack has different sections of storage space, on the back and in the main compartment. It has 16.8L capacity for storage in the main compartment. Check out this video to see more:
On top of that, we also offer foldable backpack organizer which will provide you with 9 more extra storage space if needed.
That is a wonderful question, check out this video for a detailed walk though of all the features:
The backpack is made of polyester inside and out.
There is no leather materials on this backpack, the flap is made of faux leather.
The backpack was designed by 3 moms living in California, but the manufacturer is located at Guangzhou, China.The manufacturer we selected is the Top 1 manufacturer for diaper bags and baby backpacks products in China. The diaper bags and baby backpacks they manufactured are mainly sold in the western world like United States, Canada, and European countries.
No. The booster seat was designed specifically for dining chairs. Please do not use the dining booster seat in your car.
When assembled properly, the booster seat was designed to hold a child of up to 55LBS (880OZ or 25KG). It also has a five-point harness that secures your child from the shoulders and waist for their safety.
Yes. We are proud to state that it has passed all the safety requirements and have the required certificates and testing lab reports for children's products sold in the United States.

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Hank Powlowski

The waterproof does not seem to be the front pocket, so even if the size is small except for one star, the interior space is large, so there are many I think I'm going in.

Trevion Will

10 days delivery, the quality is pretty good, the backpack is not big ..